Oat Slider Buns

These buns are perfect for making sliders!

I made some lamb sliders with caramelized onions stuffed into these tasty buns!

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Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

I love it when people take something healthy- say, a banana- toss it with bunch of sugar, nuts, butter, and chocolate, bake it off, and call it breakfast. I don’t know how or why I’m allowed to eat this first thing in the morning, all I know is that since it’s been designated “banana bread,” it means that I can toss my Kashi aside and enjoy this delicious treat first thing!

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Porter Pizza

OK.  So this recipe should really be called Porter Spent Grain Pizza Dough but that certainly doesn’t roll off the tongue well or sound catchy, right?

Give it up for my friend Sam.  Not only did he and his honey, Nicole, give me the spent grains from a porter they are making BUT he also gave me the idea of creating a pizza dough out of them.  Genius.

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There are people in the world who can do things; you know, things like skiing, or geometry. Others know how to sail or can tie fancy knots. I’ve even come across people who know how to parallel park!

Being me, not one of these activities are skills I can claim. As someone who is still scared of the ball (all that “keep your eye on the ball” stuff from PE in junior high still terrorizes me), there’s not a whole lot that I claim that I can “do.”

Until now.

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Love in the Shape of a Loaf

Something to know about me (and probably it’s not surprising, being as I have a baking blog and all): I have a very particular, very focused and very powerful love of all things bready; if it’s floury and filled with carbohydrates, my will is weak.

Here’s another thing: it’s not my fault. I’m convinced that this love is hereditary, passed down by previous generations; I also believe this love is now being passed on to the generations after me. I say this with confidence, as I have proof.

Here’s my case: below you’ll see photo of two delicious children. The little girl is my niece, Ms. Thing, and the boy is her brother, Mr. Boo. This story is about Mr. Boo.

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